Innovation at your fingertips

Telio utilizes the latest in software development to streamline efficiency into a medical practice’s administrative systems. By pairing appointment reminder programing with online reputation management technology, Telio offers an innovative solution to managing the business end of running a practice.

Today’s marketing world demands an investment into online presence, and Telio has found a way to make this simple and effective.

With detailed reporting and data analytics, Telio provides accessible tools for strategic and effective marketing, which allows physicians to focus on what’s important: practicing medicine. From appointment reminders to online review coordination, Telio’s unique software provides customizable communication with both your patients and the online world. Present a polished public image with Telio through our reputation management programing, and take advantage of a competitive appointment reminder software to maintain consistent and effective administrative efforts.

Reputation Management

When buying a product online, most consumers scroll through the reviews before checking out, and in today’s internet-savvy world, it’s no different for medical care selection. A few positive reviews can dramatically increase the number of patients interested in a practice, while a negative comment can drive away many potential clients. Telio’s programming utilizes positive reviews to improve a practice’s online reputation, while giving a practice clear and professional means to address negative feedback online.

By aggregating reviews and displaying them on your website, Telio enables a practice to gather, request and monitor reviews, making communicating with patients fluid. Telio monitors when and how your practice is mentioned on sites across the internet, sending you notifications that enable you to stay up-to-date on your practice’s reputation. A swift and professional response to a negative review posted online goes a long way, and Telio wants to help you get there.

Appointment Reminder Software

A practice’s annual accumulation of missed appointments comes at a steep price for many physicians, and the healthcare world has devoted much time and resources into finding effective, preventative measures that ensure a patient keeps the appointment he or she has scheduled. While some of the underlying factors are beyond a practice’s control, an office’s scheduling system and administrative practices can play a great role in minimizing the rate of missed appointments.

Utilizing contemporary understanding of medical office management, the developers at Telio designed an appointment reminder software that offers a practice the tools they need to ensure consistent appointment attendance. Telio Reminders provides a practice with the unique ability to send customized appointment reminder and confirmation requests, while gathering and presenting analytics to help manage administrative systems.

As waitlists across America fill up with patients seeking medical attention, high percentages of no-shows become an avoidable, frustrating misuse of time. Telio offers an effective solution to minimize administrative efforts, maintain consistent scheduling, and make a reliable profit.

Getting the most out of your investments

Telio’s comprehensive packages address management, from online reputation to scheduling. Our innovative technology allows medical practices to remain  both competitive and cost-effective, and together can offer clients a quality investment into improving the business of practicing medicine. To learn more about our programs and pricing, visit Telio Reviews and Telio Reminders today.