In the digital age, it may seem like anything goes. With the advent of the Internet, it has become increasingly important to know every aspect of your business from top to bottom. From traditional marketing, such as pamphlets, flyers, billboards and posters, to nontraditional and digital marketing, such as social media, SEO and online reviews.

When taking a full-scope at where marketing is headed into the future, it’s tough to look beyond online reviews. The Internet gives customers the power of communication at their fingertips. With online review sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook and many, many more, businesses are required to know exactly how to monitor and respond to messages from their customers.

The basics of managing online reputation

In the past, word of mouth was one of the best ways for businesses to receive genuine customer reaction for their business. Though still a big contributor to small- and medium-sized businesses, word of mouth has transitioned to the Internet.

Online review sites publicize the genuine ‘word of mouth’ messages from your customers. Although not every interaction with your business is posted (usually the best and worst experiences make up the majority of reviews), you as a business owner can see the thoughts many have about their experience with you. With the Internet, however, you have the power to respond.  

Build Around Your Customer Experience

Building a rounded customer experience with online reviews is the next step businesses should take when marketing and expanding their business. Making sure you have a Facebook or Google+ page is just the first step. The next is to publicize those accounts and ask customers to review their experience with you.

Once the reviews start flowing, you may find a few negative ones. Don’t worry! Not everyone can be satisfied. Instead, used the medium of the Internet to your advantage and respond with genuine care to make sure a negative experience with your business doesn’t happen again.

The future of marketing starts with creating a two-way customer experience with online reviews. Consumer reviews can advertise a product or service for you, no charge. With this type of marketing, you should gear your customer relationship experience towards it and invest in a platform that can make monitoring reviews seamless and effective.

Try Telio

To capitalize on the future of marketing, you should try Telio’s Reputation Management platform for your business. From review aggregation, to stars on your website, your online reviews can be in one place with Telio. See how Telio can help you usher in the future of marketing, today.

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