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Guide to Online Practice Reputation Management

The basics of managing online reputation Before buying a product online, most consumers scroll through the reviews before checking out, and in today’s internet driven world, it’s no different for medical care selection. A recent study conducted by healthcare tech...

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Why Telio is Right for You

Innovation at your fingertips Telio utilizes the latest in software development to streamline efficiency into a medical practice’s administrative systems. By pairing appointment reminder programing with online reputation management technology, Telio offers an...

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How a Missed Appointment Hurts Your Practice

The cause and effect of missed appointments For a long time it seemed that repeated “no-shows”, or visit non-adherence, were the incurable headache of the medical field. Not only do they waste the office and other patients’ time, but the financial loss carries an...

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Turn Your Negative Reviews into a Success Story

Preparation is key While a practice may strive for 100% patient satisfaction, occasional misunderstandings arise and mistakes are made. A disgruntled patient may choose to voice a complaint online, and if a practice mishandles the response, that negative review can...

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How Many Customer Reviews Do I Need for My Business?

Business owners and employees alike frequently ask how many reviews are really enough to create a lasting and positive impression on your future online users. We already know why getting positive online reviews is more important than ever.   So how many reviews is...

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The Purpose of HIPAA Compliance

It can be easy to lose sight of the purpose of HIPAA compliance, also known as the The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, especially when it creates an extra workload for already-strained practices that are striving to provide the best in...

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The Psychology Behind Negative Reviews and How to Respond

Why are people more likely to leave a negative review when they have a bad experience than a positive review when they have a good experience? Reflecting on our positive and negative experiences can reveal a lot about why this is the case. To illustrate, just for a...

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