You’re pulling in good reviews due to your hard work serving every single customer and client. Your star reviews are staying strong, and you’re getting more traffic from word-of-mouth and online presence. 

You’ve already mastered handling negative reviews, but now you’re wondering if you should be paying more attention to those good reviews. What a great problem to have! 

Yes, you should be responding to good reviews as professionally and quickly as you would to a negative review. How and why is it important for your online reputation? Here’s a brief guide to walk you through the perfect responses to good reviews.

Why Is It Important to Respond to Good Reviews?

One of the key takeaways to establishing a strong online presence for your business is to be as present and interactive as possible. It seems simple, but needs to be said: You want the majority of your online interactions to be positive ones!

It’s easy to respond to comments on your social media posts and keep up with your direct messages, but that’s not the only way to interact with interested and happy customers. Online reviews are so important to bringing in new customers as well as keeping current customers happy, and showing that you are engaged and responsive to their needs. 

Every once in a while, you might need to handle a negative review. It can help mitigate the harmful effects of a poor review when these interactions are surrounded by an abundance of good reviews and positive replies. Anyone concerned about one bad review will see how well you treat both happy and unhappy customers, and it will help give them context for what they can expect from their experience with you should they choose to give you their business.

Copy and Paste or Custom Message?

You might understand the importance of responding to positive reviews but are confused about the right way to respond. Most service based businesses are very busy and don’t have much time to spend on fielding messages and online reviews.

Under no circumstances should you copy and paste the same form response for every single review you receive. It’s tempting, but ultimately it undermines your customer service efforts more than it helps. In a wall of reviews, it’s obvious when every person gets the same response, and that no one is taking the time to read or think about the reviews people took time to write. 

That said, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to come up with a custom response every time. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when you can follow a helpful template! Make sure you follow a few simple best practices while personalizing the message for every review:

Thank the Reviewer

First, always thank the reviewer and include their name if they’ve provided it. Communicate your appreciation for the time they took to leave a review. This could encourage other customers to leave their own reviews as well!

Be Short and Authentic

You should leave a substantial reply, but you don’t need to write a novel. Be short and sweet while covering all the bases. Think 2-4 sentences. This will save you time so you can respond to more reviews, and it won’t be overwhelming to others who want to read it. 

Do not, however, fall into the trap of always using the same response. You can keep it short, but still be authentic. If the customer brings up a specific employee or product, you can acknowledge that comment to help personalize the reply.

Include a Call to Action

Always leave a call to action wherever your business leaves content. For negative reviews, your call to action is probably to move the conversation to a more private forum with a simple apology and offer to make it right. For positive reviews, you’ll want to maximize on your customer’s love for your business.

After you’ve thanked them, you can gently nudge them to take it one step further. You can tell them you look forward to their next visit, that you hope they bring their friends, or that it would be awesome if they shared your page on social media.

A customer that has taken the extra time to leave a review has shown that they are more willing to spread the word about your services and products. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this interaction!

What Now?

Once you’ve responded, you can further thank your reviewer by sharing it on social media. Use their review as content for your next post or story and give them a shout out! You can also turn your good reviews into a section of testimonials on your business website.

Telio can help you stay on top of good reviews by alerting you as soon as they’re posted. That way, you can respond quickly and use their reviews for content online. Telio can also help you put together a section of testimonials for your site! Contact us today through our website or call (267) 544-7244 to learn more.