It feels great when third-party websites like Yelp and Google are compiling great reviews of your business, and you should be proud that your services are inspiring customers to actively promote you. However, that doesn’t mean that the hard work is over! It’s time to think of some creative ways to show off good online reviews. 

Good reviews from loyal customers are so valuable that you don’t want their worth to stop at just the online review platform.  Coming up with creative ways to show off these customers’ raving reviews will help boost your business even further.

So, how can you turn a Yelp review into an enthusiastic recommendation that will reach a bigger audience?

Use Your Social Media Accounts

One of the best ways to reach more people with your message is, of course, social media. Unfortunately, your current and potential followers won’t notice how many good reviews your business has on Google Reviews or Yelp if you don’t tell them.

The good news is that it’s very simple to display glowing reviews in a multitude of creative ways. On Instagram, for example, you can post on your feed, in your stories, and even on Reels. You could create carousel feed posts of that month’s best reviews, or post a group of stories that highlight happy customers. Then, you can save your stories to the highlights in your bio so they’re permanently on display to every visitor.

You could post a group of reviews as Twitter or Facebook feed posts and stories as well. Just remember to use a design service, like Canva, to make all the reviews look neat and branded for your posts, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Display Online Reviews In Your Storefront

If your business has a physical location, you could also come up with fun ways to display reviews in your storefront. The more unique your displays are, the more memorable they’ll be.

Consider getting team t-shirts made with some reviews printed on the back, or putting up a display where you show off your best reviews from that week or month. Consider using sticky notes or labels to attach real reviews to relevant products in your store.

An added bonus is that customers will be incentivized to leave reviews hoping to be included in your displays. You might even choose to ask permission from reviewers to use their social handle, so that readers in the store can follow them online — an attractive proposition for influencers who may be interacting with your brand.

Online Reviews and Your Website: A Symbiotic Relationship

Simply put, don’t forget about your own website. When people search for your business online, you want them to find your website on the first page of search rankings, not just review sites. At the same time, while visitors are on your site,  you don’t want them to miss all your reviews.

Make sure your website has a dedicated section for displaying your best reviews. This will show your worth and incentivize more sales. 

Never Miss a Good Online Review

You might not always have time to keep up with reviews of your business, but with Telio, you’ll never miss a review again. Each time a customer leaves a review, good or bad, you’ll be immediately notified so you can take appropriate action.

Telio also makes it really easy to compile your good reviews so you can prepare that creative social media post or display a message of gratitude to your loyal customers. Use Telio to quickly and easily display your good reviews on your website’s testimonial section, too.

Get a better handle on your online reviews. Contact Telio today through our website or call (267) 544-7244 to learn more!