Harnessing the power of online review management can improve your business’s reputation, draw in new customers, and build a loyal customer base. Monitoring new online reviews and responding to them promptly is a great strategy to improve your customer service, but it doesn’t stop there. Did you know that your presence on social media is just as important as your online reviews?

It might seem like a lot of work, but you should absolutely be monitoring your social media comments like you do for Yelp or Google Reviews. In this article, we’ll explain why social media monitoring is so important for your overall digital marketing strategy.

You Can Improve Your Reputation While Marketing Yourself

Social media reviews allow you to be completely active in building your online presence and marketing yourself simultaneously. Every move you make on your social media account is both a contribution to your customers’ community and self-promotion:

  • Your feed posts can engage your customers, educate them on your products, and invite them to events.
  • Your stories can share your loyal customers’ posts about your brand to your followers to boost the effects of their loyalty.
  • Your replies to comments about your products can improve your customer service and expand the reach of your brand to potential customers.

Satisfied customers often leave reviews online to help others understand your products and find the right place for their needs. These customers might be doing the same thing on social media but you might not know it. By ignoring this organic promotion you’re losing out on valuable opportunities for growth.

On social media, you might be getting word-of-mouth promotions from customers who share your products on their own accounts, or you might be accruing reviews in the form of comments that customers leave on your posts. Followers that promote you are invaluable, just like customers who are passionate enough to leave reviews on Yelp. You should pay attention to your social media community, interact with them, and subtly nudge them to do even more promotion for you.

You Can Actively Grow Your Customer Base with Social Media

Online review platforms allow you to build a page dedicated to how customers view your services and products. Social media allows you to do that as well through your followers’ engagement with your brand. 

While review pages make your customers come to you, social media allows you to reach out to current and potential customers personally. You can search for mentions of your brand and interact with accounts who have visited your business and bought from you. You can also search keywords that are relevant to your business and location, and interact with accounts who would be interested in your services.

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Take Your Online Reviews to the Next Level

Partial to your Yelp or Google Reviews? You should be. Building up good online reviews is essential for helping potential customers discover your business and keeping up great customer service. But your online reviews should never just stop there, not when there’s an entire social media ecosystem primed to expand your organic reach and following. 

Telio actively monitors online reviews of your business and alerts you about each new post. By being ever aware of reviews from multiple platforms, you can respond quickly and take your reviews to the next level. When you receive great reviews, Telio can help you build a testimonial page to highlight your loyal customers. Then you can post these reviews in creative ways on social media to share with your followers and beyond! 

To embark on your new social media review strategy today, view our review-monitoring packages.