Research has shown that a business’s online star rating directly affects their profits, regardless of whether they’re in e-commerce or run a traditional storefront. Online reviews create a community based on the most outspoken customers, showcasing the best and the worst experiences that will either bring you more sales or drive sales away.

When your potential customers search for your products or services, you want them to see the best and most truthful version of your company—there’s no need to pay for fake reviews or employ unscrupulous tactics. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can build up your good reviews organically.

Direct Online Reviews to Key Sites

It can be challenging to build up reviews in a central, ready accessible location, especially when several different review websites exist. Think about where your target customers may be searching and then choose a few key places that you’d like to aggregate reviews about your business. Then, focus on promoting those websites among your customers/audience.

Based on our experience, popular and reputable websites like Yelp, Google, or Facebook are among the best places for reviews, given their user traffic and easy-to-use interfaces. You should optimize your business profiles on these sites and monitor them regularly. You can also allow customers to leave reviews directly on your company website, which is a great way to boost sales. You’ll want to make sure you respond quickly and professionally to bad reviews and report any reviews that are irrelevant or fake.

Even though you’ll be focusing your efforts on a few key review sites, it’s important to keep up with stray reviews. Make sure you regularly scan the internet for stragglers so that negative comments aren’t left unattended. 

Online Reviews Start with Customer Service

Even though your customers might have a pleasant experience with your business, it often takes some extra prompting or motivation for them to leave a review. You want to make the experience of leaving a review as easy and straightforward as possible so that you don’t lose their interest.

One big turn-off for customers who seek to leave a positive review is an inability to find your business online. Make sure you’re set up with Google My Business, which enables your company to pop up as a sidebar when you’re searched and makes leaving Google reviews a breeze. Invest time and effort into optimizing your SEO so that your website comes up in top results as well.

When it comes to inspiring positive reviews, nothing beats excellent customer service delivered consistently. You’ll want everyone to have such a great experience that they can’t resist telling the world. Encourage dialogue between employees and customers that allows for honest feedback and great rapport. Even if the customer doesn’t feel called to leave a review after the experience, the extra attention they received will likely prevent a negative review. 

Creatively Raise Online Review Awareness

Create new ways to raise awareness about where your company can be reviewed online. Most customers do not regularly review every business they use, so reminding them that they can support their favorite business in this way will likely increase your number of reviews.

Here are some effective online review campaign ideas:

  • Add signs to the outside and inside of your storefront
  • Add “please review us” phrasing to receipt signatures, emails, and on your website
  • Mention leaving a review when a customer is checking out
  • For online purchases, create a review pop-up after purchase
  • Create stickers or cards that can be added to packaging with people’s orders
  • Add review site logos to the backs of uniforms
  • Offer customer gift cards or other incentives

Need Help Managing Your Online Reputation?

Aggregating good reviews takes time, but having a great star rating with a large number of reviews is worth the effort and patience. Following these basic tips can get you started on an online review campaign that will eventually make a noticeable and positive difference for your business.

If you need help monitoring your online reputation and building up your online reviews, Telio is at your service. Take advantage of Telio’s online reputation management software that alerts you when new reviews are posted, helps gather good reviews to be displayed on your website, and proactively seeks feedback about your products or services.

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