It’s a common misconception among businesses. Once a customer walks out the door, there’s no way to regularly get in touch with them. You won’t be able to check up on their satisfaction with your service or remind them to come back. Their interactions with your business outside of your doors is entirely out of your control….. right?


Welcome to the marvelous future of running impressive customer service and marketing campaigns. With 97% of Americans owning a cell phone (85% owning smartphones), it’s easier than ever to reach your customers in a way that promotes loyalty and keeps your business top-of-mind.

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is an important aspect of building up your business. Specifically, if you’re looking to build up your good reviews online, utilizing a customer messaging system is a great start.

Enhance Operational Efficiencies with Customer Messaging Systems

The stats are in the majority of customers who receive SMS marketing make shopping decisions based on brand texts they receive, and the average SMS open rate is 98%. Your growing business can’t afford to turn down this incredible opportunity for customer engagement.

Customer messaging systems can help create databases of your clients, customers, or patients and allow you to directly message or call them with pre-set information. You can create custom messages or take advantage of templates to optimize your communications. 

After you’ve finished creating your message, you can set a custom timeframe for customer responses. If your customer doesn’t respond, the system will send reminders. You can use this feature to encourage customers to leave reviews.

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Improve Customer Engagement and Retention

In a hectic world of digital distractions, a gentle nudge in the right direction never hurts. If you run an appointment-based business, automated interactive appointment reminders improve response rates and appointment retention. The more engaged your customers are, the more likely they are to thank you in the form of a good review.

A FranchiseHelp study found that text messaging not only had a 209% higher engagement rate than phone calls, but also a 295% higher chance of positive responses. Following this logic, you can increase your chance of getting customers to confirm appointments and personal information. You can also be sure that they will see your messaging, no matter your target response.

Capitalize on New Opportunities for Excellent Customer Service

Utilizing a customer messaging system opens the door to new opportunities to communicate with your customers. You can now provide great customer service well after the sale has been made.

With a great customer messaging system, you can manually respond to your customer’s replies. If a customer responds to an automatic message, you can jump into the feed and discuss their needs with them in real-time. You can also set up calls and messages to be forwarded to your office number, providing a seamless experience.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Having the ability to write custom messages to be sent automatically means that you can get creative with how you engage customers. An ideal customer messaging system will allow you to employ broadcast messaging, meaning you can send out mass texts to custom groups of customers.

With custom broadcast messaging, you can notify customers of special events and even send out deals, discounts, and rewards. Keeping your customers in the loop will make them feel special and help convert more leads into sales.

While you’re in the process of sending out automatic messages, make sure you capture customer satisfaction as validation of your business’s value to customers. Send out links to surveys on highly visible platforms, such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook, and kindly ask for reviews after a customer’s purchase or visit. These responses can be repurposed as testimonials on your site!

Get Great Reviews with a Customer Messaging System

Telio offers a dynamic interface with fully customizable options in a state-of-the-art customer messaging system software. You can easily create and send text and voice reminders to both individuals and groups, all using your free unique phone number. To top it off, Telio will send you detailed reports regularly to help track client’s behavior and trends.

As you increase your customer engagement and satisfaction, you can compile your great reviews into a striking testimonial section on your website. Contact Telio today through our website or call (267) 544-7244 to learn more.