Did you know that for every $1 you invest in marketing through email, your business could experience an average of $42 in return? Email marketing remains one of the most successful and reliable marketing strategies for small and midsize businesses. If you don’t have a plan in place to build an email list, you’re missing out on tons of leads and conversion opportunities. In addition, you’re losing the opportunity to build a personal relationship with your prospects and customers that would otherwise lead to improved reviews for your business.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons you need to start building an email list right now.

Build an Email List to Provide Value Directly

Build a top-notch website, write blogs, and run deals all you want. Without a way to meet your prospects where they are, you aren’t providing value directly to them. Reaching out to leads through email makes marketing much more personal and effective.

When you build an email list, you have a vault of interested people who would benefit from your services and/or expertise. Instead of making them visit your site for value, bring it directly to their notifications in an email. Repurpose your blog content by sending reading recommendations or launch a new product with momentum through an email blast.

Treat Customers Like VIPs in Your Email Marketing

Building an email list and tracking how leads respond to your emails will help you segment your leads more clearly. You’ll be able to section your email lists into different interests and see which leads are the most receptive to your marketing. Then, you can launch more intense, targeted campaigns with those hot leads to drive home sales. 

Fun fact: Marketers have noted that using segmented campaigns can lead to as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

Easily Share Deals and Discounts in Marketing Emails

Online deals and discounts without a strategy for outreach easily go unnoticed unless customers directly visit a business’s website. With an email list, you’ll be able to send alerts about deals directly to your leads. For example, you can send customers coupons to increase traffic to your website. Further, you can send alerts about deals that are about to expire, communicating a sense of urgency.

Start Drip Email Campaigns

Marketing automation is all the rage right now, and email drip campaigns are the shining star. Drip email campaigns allow you to set up an automatically timed set of emails in response to customer interactions. For instance, if a new customer signs up for an account on your site, your automated email platform can start the drip campaign with a welcome email. Follow-up emails will help nurture that lead as part of a marketing funnel to drive the customer towards conversion.

Fun fact: Shorter email drip campaigns are reportedly most effective, and the best performers are welcome or thank you emails. In one analysis, these high-value emails came back with a stunning 98.4% open rate followed by a 37% click-through rate.

Encourage Good Reviews through Follow-Up Emails

Finally, an email list will help you personalize the way you ask for customer reviews. For example, automatically sending a follow-up email that asks for a review after a customer buys a product serves as a helpful reminder. It will increase the likelihood that a customer who had a good experience will leave a review. You should also provide links to your business’s profile on review sites so that it’s easier to leave a positive comment.

Make Customer Relationships Top Priority

Without an email list, you’re missing out on an excellent marketing strategy for improving your business’s online presence. By providing a direct line to your prospective and current customers, an email list can help you build rapport and increase conversions.

Telio understands that businesses are successful when they prioritize relationships with their customers. The best way to show off great customer service and quality products is to emphasize great online reviews. Telio alerts you every time you receive a new review so that you can take the appropriate action in response. We’ll even help you build a portfolio of your best reviews to showcase on your website.

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