Reduce no shows, keep your business top-of-mind, and make scheduling a smoother process with automated appointment reminders.

Appointment reminders are just as essential to you as they are to your customers or patients.

Having a system in place for reminding both your business members and your customers keeps everyone on the same page.

Consumers will always navigate to faster and more user friendly experiences. For this, you’ll want to align your CRM (customer relationship management) solutions with more advanced technologies that provide these benefits while saving you time and money in the process.

3 Reasons Why Appointment Reminders Are Beneficial to Your Business

  1. It help to reduce no shows
    • Reminding customers or patients of their appointment
  2. It keeps your business top-of-mind
    • Your business name with show up on their phone (with software solutions)
  3. It makes scheduling and rescheduling a smoother process
    • Confirmation responses allow you to better predict each days schedule
    • Rescheduling can be made before a missed appointment

1. Reduce No Shows with Appointment Reminders

Busy schedules and the increasing information available to us presents a greater need to be reminded of our events and appointments.

The value of a handwritten reminder has dropped to almost zero. People have become so reliant on their cellular devices that it is imperative to reach them digitally.

Digital SMS smartphone reminders will quickly change how businesses in all sorts of markets will interact with their customers.


Missed appointments present a massive inefficiency, costing your business money. Previously, the only way to correct this was by spending valuable time and resources to manually reach out to every customer or patient. Text message reminders not only cut down on wasted time, but also help eliminate the dreaded “no-shows”.

2. Newer Software Solutions Offer New Ways to Connect with Your Customers

When you remind your customer or patient of their appointment, you are keeping your brand in their mind. By sending messages directly to their phone, you are also reaching customers in a personal and easily understood manner. Opportunities to opt out of text reminders also protects your reputation in the eyes of easily annoyed customers.

You can also send out more customized messages, in addition to broadcasted messaging. One example when this would be helpful is if there was inclement weather and you needed to close your business for the day. You could have automated messages go out to your customers or patients letting them know and initiating the conversation to reschedule.

3. More Efficient and Streamlined Business Scheduling

Intelligent automated appointment reminders allow you to streamline the messages you send to your customers or patients. The efficiency of Telio reminders allows you to seamlessly upload your schedule all at once and send out appointment reminders according to specific parameters appropriate for your business.

Situations come up and your schedule will sometimes change. If your customers or patients need to reschedule, or forget they have an appointment coming up, a message sent to them about their appointment will help them remember so they can reschedule before missing an appointment. A missed appointment could cost the customer or patient and your business time and money.

How Missed Appointments Affect Your Business and Your Customers

This could cost your customers or patients money if there is a fee for no-shows. It costs your business money if there are gaps in your schedule that could have been filled up.
This also affects your time that was allotted for someone who did not show up for their appointment.

Reminders, along with follow up reminders to non responders, helps to prevent these avoidable instances.

Data and analysis is also available with advanced Telio Reminders software. Here you can view who responds to your appointments, who does not, and customize your messages when needed. All positioned in one interface that you can view on desktop and all mobile devices.

Appointment reminders are important to keeping your customers or patients in the loop. Intelligent automated appointment reminders allows you to do it in a way that is efficient, trackable, and user friendly.

Start sending appointment reminders today with Telio appointment reminder software!