Telio Reminders

Automated, interactive, appointment reminders

Automated, interactive Reminders and Broadcast Messaging

Automatically detect if a phone number is capable of receiving text messages or voice messages

Recipients with phones capable of receiving text messages will be able to respond with their confirmation or cancellation via text. Phones that can only receive calls will receive a voice message generated with state of the art text to speech synthesis software, to which the recipient can respond using the keypad.

Create your own custom, dynamic message content or use our default

Telio Reminders features a dynamic interface that lets you send automated messages (SMS or phone) and reminders to an individual or group of people. Messages can include content like the patient’s or doctor’s name, as well as appointment time and location. You can also customize how you respond to patients, whether they reply or not.

Resending reminders to unresponsive patients increases response rates by 43%

Telio Reminders will automatically resend reminder messages to patients that have not responded within a customizable time-frame, and content of follow-up reminders can be different than the original reminder. Re-sending reminders closer to the day of appointment increases response rates and appointment fulfilment.


Text and Voice Reminders

The software automatically determines if a phone is capable of receiving SMS messages. Voice messages are generated using industry leading text to speech synthesis software.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast custom messages to your clients at any time.

Resend Reminders

Followup messages to unresponsive recipients increases response rates.

Free Phone Number

Your account includes a free, unique phone number for your business with the ability to forward incoming calls and messages.

Custom Reminder Content

Create dynamic, custom messages.

Custom Reporting

Automatic, customizable reporting helps you stay on top of trends and act accordingly as necessary.

Free phone number

We will get you a new, unique phone number that will be used to send text reminders. Any incoming calls to this number will be forwarded to your office. All voice reminders will be routed through your office numbers.

Full interaction history

Quickly lookup patient history, including past appointment and interaction history.

Directly message patients

Quickly respond to patients with text messages through the Telio interface. You can even send a clickable link with directions to your office!


Extensive reporting

Daily, weekly, and ad hoc reports are send via email to an unlimited number of recipients. The configurable alerts can be sent when a particular event occurs such as when a patient confirms, cancels, or changes their appointment status. The daily and weekly reports include the status of upcoming appointments and help you identify trends in patient behavior.

Broadcast Messages

Send broadcast messages to patients by creating your message and selecting recipients by their appointment date. It’s unfortunate, but occassionally appointments need to be cancelled due to an emergency. Telio broadcast messaging allows you to quickly alert groups of people without individually contacting them.

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